"Paul Whetstone is extremely good at troubleshooting and tuning Rotax engines to make them run perfect!

Thank you for all you do Paul!"

- Dave White - SALSA Aviation, Boerne, Texas

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"3. Be aware of the smallest hint of a weep of someting.....I thought it was coming from the water inlet at the bottom of the cylinder head, not the outlet at the top. It took Paul Whetstone of Texas Rotax and Light Sport Aircraft several hours to track it down to the correct source.... (the outlet at the top).... after I bum doped him about where the leak was, and then to repair it (cause of weeping connection was either that the hose was slightly too long on the elbow fitting... and the hose being pulled to one side by bearing against the inner curved surface of the elbow fitting the clamp was being slightly expanded and not sealing tightly or .... longitudinal scratch....and the leak stopped.

Hope this helps someone."

"Since great certified shops are hard to find in this day and age I just want to share my experience. Just completed the first Annual Conditional and Rotax 100 hour inspection on my Just Highlander. Want to give a shout out to Paul Whetstone and his crew at Texas Rotax and Light Sport Aircraft (www.txlightsportaircraft.com) down in the San Antonio area for their help in getting this done. Paul is an incredible, experienced, and detailed professional and we here in Central Texas are lucky to have his Rotax Independent Repair Center available to us rather than just a Rotax Trained Person providing the inspection and service. He is also a Dynon dealer so was able to get my Skyview HDX really dialed in and the Transponder / ADS-B Certified. I had them dynamic balance my Kiev 3 blade propeller and with the super tuned carburetors I can't believe the smooth performance of my 912ULS. Like Singer sewing machine smooth."

- Kent Leighton